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I am forever mindful of the precious resources we have around us, and the impact of all that I do. All the paper I use is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means it is completely and fully sustainable. My luxury range paper is milled in the Lake District, with all the by-products 100% recycled. Most of my envelopes are now gummed, so those little bits of peel and seal don't end up in land fill and my Little Boxes of Gratitude are made from recycled card and designed to be refilled, so cutting down on unnecessary packaging. And finally, my printers are local, which keeps my carbon footprint to a minimum. Everything comes from within the UK, and when I can, I cycle to the post office, rather than drive.

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sustainable paper

Over lockdown, like many others, I had more time to spend in our garden. Together with my number one assistant (a very practical husband), we cleared a rather messy patch - something we'd been trying to get round to do for a long, long time. In its place we planted a hedge, made raised beds for vegetables, and, most importantly, created three compost heaps. I am now slightly obsessed with these - reading up on everything compost related and looking forward to when the first one is ready. All my new stock arrived in dozens of cardboard boxes - they went straight onto the heaps - nothing goes to waste! 

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