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Spritzblue's stationery ranges are all about bold and simple designs. I love a serif typeface, a bit of foil and bright, bright colours. But what really sets us apart is the thickness of the card. My luxury ranges are printed on 540gsm - it's almost board. In fact, they are made from two separate stocks, bonded together, to create the dual colour effect, and to ensure their exceptional quality. My other ranges start from 375gsm up to an impressive 400gsm stock - it's something that you really notice. The search for the right paper went far and wide - it had to be right from the very start. Good quality paper is increasingly difficult to source, so when we first came across our supplier, with their extraordinary range of thick, textured and rainbow coloured stocks, it was an exciting moment.


You can't see on a website, but you know it when you feel it. And it definitely makes a difference when that handwritten note on exceptionally smart and beautiful stationery lands on your door mat.

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Spritzblue blue.jpg


The vast majority of our paper is milled in the Lake District, by a firm established for nearly two centuries. They  create custom made specialty paper for some of the world's leading luxury brands, art galleries and designers. Their dedication to innovation and more importantly, to sustainability in everything they do, is equally important to Spritzblue.


Every single range is lithographically printed. As the card is so thick, a digital process just won't do. Every design has its own plates made up, with an extra one when we use fluorescent colour, enabling the solid colour to be smoother and not pixellated. Litho printing uses wet ink, rather than toner, which also makes the colour bolder and the finish more superior, especially on  textured paper - which Spritzblue uses for most of its ranges. We use local printers who specialise in textured, and specifically coloured stock. We love their attention to detail and their personal service. It also means that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

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