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When I set up Spritzblue, it was with the aim of designing bold and beautiful stationery. But the design was only the half of it. I wanted to print my stationery on the thickest material possible. Because there's nothing quite like the feel and texture of exceptional paper. 


We had moved back to the UK from Amsterdam, where there was no shortage of extraordinarily gorgeous stationery - I could spend hours in one of my favourite shops,  the fabulously named Posthumuswinkel, with its mesmerising displays and shelves of inks, stamps and paper. I was like a child in a sweet shop, and I've still yet to find anywhere quite like it here. From our new home in West Sussex there was nowhere local to find anything that came remotely close. When in London, I'd nip to Selfridges and Liberty, and buy up arm loads of stationery boxes and brightly designed cards – some of which were even too nice to send. A full stationery drawer is a wonderful thing!

Spritzblue was born from a love of receiving a beautiful handwritten note, whatever the occasion. The thought behind a simple gift, a lunch with girlfriends, a delicious dinner or a weekend away deserves appreciation. And when you're taking the time to write, it's so much better on a gorgeous card. 

My background is in advertising and writing, and most recently children and teaching them the important things in life. We live at the foot of the South Downs, close to the sea -  from where the inspiration came for the name Spritzblue.  

Spritzblue collection.jpg


And when you're writing on fabulous stationery, the pen makes all the difference. I have a couple of fountain pens that I have used for years. Not the kind you used to have at school, where ink would spill out all over the page and your fingers became stained blue. But ones with nibs that make your writing flow and the words on the page look far more superior than those written with just a biro. I'm not averse to a roller ball either. I have large, looping handwriting, and the ease with which I write with one of these is pleasing. And when it comes to writing on my coloured stationery, a white gel pen looks amazing.

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