A story of being beautiful and thick.

When I set up Spritzblue, it was with the aim of designing bold and beautiful stationery. But the design was only the half of it. I wanted to print my stationery on the thickest material possible. Because there's nothing quite like the feel and texture of exceptional paper. When I pick up a fabulous card, but find it's on lamentably thin stock, my heart sinks a little.

We had moved back to the UK from Amsterdam, where there was no shortage of extraordinarily gorgeous stationery - I could spend hours in one of my favourite shops @posthumuswinkel with its mesmerising displays and shelves of inks, stamps and paper. I was like a child in a sweet shop, and I've still yet to find anywhere quite like it here. From our new home in West Sussex there was nowhere local to find anything I liked. When in London, I'd nip to Selfridges and Liberty, and buy up arm loads of stationery boxes and brightly designed cards – some of which were even too nice to send. A full stationery drawer is a wonderful thing!

So, I tracked down the paper, and a local printer – it was important to me that I could keep a close eye on quality and that my footprint would be as small as possible. Everything I print on is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council), meaning all the paper comes from a fully sustainable source, and all from within the UK. And thus it began.

I am currently surrounded by new colour paper samples, sketches, fonts and lists of ideas for 2021, with my print deadline drawing near. My designs continue to be simple and unfussy. I use a mix of coloured and textured ivory paper, and I love a bit of foiling. And nothing makes me happier than when a new customer first picks up a card and gives a little squeal of delight over how thick it is, or when a contented customer comes back for more. If, like me, you love stationery, you’ll totally understand.

"These gorgeous cards do put the joy back into letter writing"

"Just love these. So enjoy writing my cards"

"My daughter thought her thank you notes were the 'best ever', so thank you"

"Thank you so much - a gorgeous parcel arrived in the post. Thank you letters will be finished today! Amazing product. Amazing customer care"

"My most favourite stationery. Ever"

Thank you to each of you for taking the time to send these lovely words.

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