H is for Hannah

My latest blog has been written by my daughter's lovely friend Hannah. I've been ruminating for a while over what I should write, and not getting very far. Hannah had read all my previous posts and wondered when my next one was coming, so I suggested that she might like to do it for me. So here it is, and I love it. And as a thank you, Hannah gets a pack of the letter h.

The beauty of a thank you Think of the most recent one of your friends or relatives to have a birthday. Did you send them a card? A present? I am sure that you did. And I am very sure that they thanked you for that. Now think of your last birthday. Did you receive a wish-wishing, whether card, present, or neither, from the aforementioned person? If you did, then did you thank them; acknowledge the deed? There is a metaphorical circle of giving and receiving to be discovered here: a friend has a birthday and you give them a gift; they thank you for the act; you have a birthday, so they feel obliged to give you a gift; you thank them; and so forth. Our circle shows more than a few things. Firstly, it depicts the sheer pleasure that one has when they receive a gift. This is then motivation for them to present appropriate thanks to the giver of the present - after all, they may not be as generous again; a “thank-you” shows appreciation of a deed. Despite the fact that, incredibly sadly, in this day and age, more and more people are using social media or messaging to wish thanks, rather than beautiful, thoughtfully picked stationery, a thank you remains valuable, and will retain its value forever. The ultimacy of receiving a gift carries yet another form of motivation: it then encourages the recipient to return the favour to the giver. They then express thanks, and our circle repeats itself over and over again. One will always forget just how precious a written thank you note is, especially in this age of text messages, email and suchlike. Each card is chosen personally by the person that sends it; written in their own handwriting. The thoughtfulness is often overlooked just too frequently. A thank you or any sort of acknowledgement should be cherished: little specks of kindness make our world go round and life would simply not be the same without them. I have a small collection of thank-yous, pinned at prime position on my notice board for everyone to see. A pleasing thing is that, from one person, I have more than one. A clear example of continuity of gratitude and appreciation from one human soul.

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