Can you tell your personality from your handwriting?

Other than, I am not a doctor.

I look at my daughters’ school books and see their handwriting evolve as they get older. They are both very neat (well, most of the time) and are experimenting with their individual styles. Thankfully, a lot of their work is written and not done on a computer, so they have the chance to perfect it. When I look back at my own school books, my writing is all over the place and I don’t think I really cemented the way I write until I was at university. Sadly, however, most people say they can’t read my handwriting.

Apparently, the way you write can indicate more than 5,000 character traits. The size of your letters, spacing between words and the shapes and slope of your letters, as well as how hard you press down on the paper, can all point to individual personalities. My scribble is big, round and curly, which according to graphologists means I’m creative, people-oriented, practical, logical, relaxed, spontaneous and outspoken, plus a lot of other things that I needn't emphasise here.... What does your writing say about you?

Size: Large letters signify confidence and a love of attention, as well as being gregarious, whilst small letters point to shyness, and a studious, meticulous personality. If your writing is somewhere in the middle, then you’re probably well-adjusted and adaptable.

Spacing between words: Wide spacing means you enjoy your freedom and don’t like to be crowded, whilst narrow spacing says that you tend to crowd people and can’t stand to be alone.

Slanted: Whilst being left or right-handed does have a little bearing on this, the consensus is that slanting right means you are open to new experiences and enjoy meeting new people, and slanting left means you tend to keep to yourself and like to work behind the scenes. A rebellious nature is apparent if you are right-handed and your writing slants left!

Shape of letters: You are likely to be artistic and creative if your letters are rounded, and aggressive, intense and very intelligent if your writing is very pointy. Connected letters show you to be logical, systematic and make decisions very carefully. You are talkative and sociable if your o’s are open, and conversely, if they are closed, you are very private.

Looping: You may be restricting yourself if your loops are narrow, and if they’re wide, you are probably relaxed and spontaneous – check out your e’s and your l’s. Narrow indicates sceptical and wide means you’re open minded and enjoy new experiences.

Do you dot your i’s and cross your t’s? You are a detail person if you dot your i’s immediately above, and if they're a long way above, then you’ve a great imagination. A circle like dot is visionary and childlike, whilst a slash points to a self critical person with not much patience! And if you dot to the left, you are probably a procrastinator. Crossing your t’s at the top says you are ambitious and optimistic, and you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin if you cross in the middle. A long cross indicates a determined and enthusiastic person, and a short cross means you’re lazy!

Heavy or light handed? If you press down hard when you write, you are good with commitment and take things seriously. However, if the pressure is excessively heavy, you’re probably uptight and react to criticism quickly. A light pressure on the other hand, means you are sensitive and show empathy. A slow writer is methodical and self-reliant, whilst a hurried one is impatient and dislikes delays.

So now you are fully equipped to tell what kind of person you are. Or possibly, you might be thinking that you should change your handwriting, or just type more. Whilst it’s fun to read this, I’m not entirely convinced it’s an exact science. When you look at French handwriting, it’s practically all identical, as French children are meticulously taught in exactly the same way. Similarly, handwriting in our grandparents’ generation was more uniform that it is now. And any non latinate language, such as Mandarin, Arabic or Japanese has to be written so precisely otherwise the entire meaning is changed. I think I’d be tempted to leave it at the difference between neat and messy, as that will pretty much sum anyone up. Unless of course, you put smiley faces above your i’s.

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